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  • 02:41 PM
16 Apr, 2024

Can you take a moment and tell me the number of average emails you or every other professional receive every day?

Any guesses?

According to a recent survey, an average individual receives 126 emails daily or over 630 emails a week.

How many of them actually get opened is the story of another day but these numbers are fascinating, right?

If you want to succeed in this email game, you’ve got to break free from the pack.

I’m going to discuss some tips today on how to make that happen

The Key to Standing Out

Imagine yourself scrolling through your inbox, and suddenly, a subject line makes you chuckle.

You will be more likely to open it and find out what it entails.

Humor is a secret weapon.

Injecting some wit and fun into your emails can grab attention like nobody’s business.

Who doesn’t love a good laugh, right?

While being funny, Uniqueness is your ticket to email stardom.

Think outside the box, my friend.

What can you offer that’s different from the rest?

Find that special something that sets you apart, whether it’s a fresh perspective, a unique approach, or a revolutionary idea. 


Personalization is the key that unlocks hearts (and inboxes).

People crave connection, so show them you care.

Take a moment to learn about your recipients, and tailor your emails accordingly.

Go beyond the generic “Dear Sir/Madam” and make it personal. It’s amazing how a little personal touch can ignite conversations and build lasting connections.

Let’s talk offers

Do you know what grabs attention? A killer offer can help you do that.

Something irresistible that recipients simply can’t resist.

Craft an offer that makes their eyes widen and their hearts race.

Give them a reason to say, “I need this!”

A great offer is a golden ticket to capturing interest and inspiring action.

A Good Copy

This is where the art of persuasion comes into play.

Learn the art of crafting compelling copy that grabs attention, evokes emotions, and drives action.

A powerful copy can turn a mundane email into a captivating masterpiece. 

Getting replies is just the beginning.

The next step is turning those replies into meaningful conversations.

Pick up that phone, schedule a call, and dive into deeper discussions.

Building relationships is all about human connection, and nothing beats the power of a real conversation. And this is how you leverage your email list the right way.

If you are still confused to figure this all out on your own I’d be glad to help.

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