About Us

We are a specialized software factory company, headquartered in California, USA, comprised of an integrated team of digital designers and development specialists. Our singular focus is on helping you achieve your business goals and breakthrough success through strategic design and development.

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What makes us different

We don’t just build Brands but Partnerships that yield the best results.


Our Vision

Fueling business growth from day one, we consistently exceed expectations, transforming success into a norm and making possibilities limitless with technology and consultation.


Our Mission

We aim to strengthen your roots and empower you to dominate your space from day one. Our people, Our energies, and Our processes give you the confidence to break down the barriers and stay on the top no matter what.


Our Values

We believe in Hardwork, Knowledge, Creativity, and Consistency. These are the driving forces behind our work that enable us to constantly think, thrive and innovate to exceed the expectations of our clients Every Single Time!

Our history

Founded in 2016, Dipa Solutions was born out of the belief that technology and process can be a pain-free experience; Dipa is a high-end software factory firm that offers comprehensive services, spanning from development to design.


The agency was founded.


We became partners with Shopify. First client in the USA.

+20% Revenue, +30% Staff.


Remote team was consolidated. Support team fully digitalized.

+30% Revenue. +35% Staff.


First Client in Europe

+200% Revenue. +80% Staff.


Improvements in internal processes

+400% Revenue. +100% Staff.

Bringing top-tier services to our clients

Serving clients coast to coast.

Meet our Founder: Facundo Apesteguia

We value our clients above everything else. From initial concept to development, we strive to ensure success for our clients and make the experience memorable. Our ability to think differently is one of the reasons why we are able to drive growth in both traditional and new markets.

Facundo Apesteguia

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