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  • 04:51 AM
16 Jul, 2024

If you post content on social media and expect it to work for you, you are not alone.

I myself struggled a lot until I find that Testing is more important than Posting itself.

You will not get results unless you follow this approach.

This approach is a sure-shot way to make a lasting impact with your content.

So, today I am going to take a leap and share how you can start testing, experimenting, and finding what truly resonates with your audience.

1. Choose a topic for your post

Topic: Marketing → Promise: Best lesson ever

Imagine if you’re scrolling through your social media feed, and among so many posts, one catches your eye. Why?

Because it promises to deliver the best marketing lesson ever.

Choosing the right topic is like striking gold.

Find something that sparks curiosity, something that your audience wants to learn about.

The more enticing your topic, the higher the chances of captivating your readers from the get-go.

2. Use a proven viral hook format

It’s like an irresistible bait that reels in your audience.

So, let’s say you want to share the best lesson on marketing ever.

Craft your headline to read: “The Best Marketing Lesson You’ll Ever Receive’’

See what we did there?

By creating a sense of anticipation and exclusivity, you’re bound to grab attention and make people wonder, “What makes this lesson so special?”

You can also follow a template for this i-e The best [x] lesson you’ll receive

Use a proven writing framework:

3. PAS = Problem, Agitation, Solution

First, identify a problem your audience faces. Maybe it’s the struggle of standing out in a saturated market or the challenge of generating leads.

Then, agitate the problem by tapping into your readers’ emotions.

Stir up their pain points and frustrations.

Finally, provide a practical and effective solution to their problem.

Address their needs with actionable advice and expert insights

4. Test it and see how it performs

Remember, just hitting the publish button isn’t enough.

Measure, analyze, and adapt. Keep a close eye on engagement metrics, such as click-through rates, comments, and shares.

If your post isn’t performing as expected, fear not!

They will.

Things take time.

Not every piece of content will go viral overnight.

But don’t lose heart!

Experimentation is your secret weapon.

If your chosen hook isn’t delivering the desired results, switch things up.

Try a different angle, a catchy phrase, or even a touch of humor.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore new formats.

Maybe a video, infographic, or even a podcast episode will do the trick.

Remember, it’s all about finding what clicks with your audience.

5. It’s not WHAT you say. It’s HOW you say it.

Imagine having the best content in the world, but presenting it in a dull, monotonous tone. Yawn, right?

Effective communication is the key to winning hearts and minds.

Inject your personality into your writing. Be conversational, relatable, and authentic.

Experiment with different writing styles and tones until you find the perfect match for your audience.

And if you keep following this your content will go Viral for sure.