About Dipa

About us

The digital transformation of our economies, already largely underway before 2020, was accelerated greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more businesses digitalize their activities, the online market becomes increasingly noisy, and offers frequently get drowned out. However, expert advice and solutions can help the transition of businesses from physical and digital, not only to adapt but to actively attract new customers and generate a new dimension of their activities.

Our mission is to bring our combined 11 years of expertise in digital technologies to the businesses starting their transformation to the digital economy. Together, we can craft solutions that fit their very specific needs and help them achieve their full digital potential.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide world-class services that fit their needs. We start each project with an interview that allows us to delve deeper into our clients’ company – its culture, its digital status, and its digital needs.

We understand business and our consultants’ expertise allows us to find the right fit for our clients. We have worked in 150 niches for more than 40 clients. Our versatile and adaptable approach has consistently provided concrete results, allowing clients to improve their processes which were reflected in their bottom-line.

About us